When to See an Allergist

24 March 2016

When to See an Allergist



 If you have asthma or think you might, you should see an allergist if you: ________________________________________________________________

Have asthma symptoms every day and often at night that limit your activity


Have had a life-threatening asthma attack


Do not meet asthma treatment goals after three to six months or don’t respond to treatment


Have unusual or hard to diagnose symptoms


Have other conditions such as severe hay fever or sinusitis that complicate your asthma or make it hard to diagnose


Need more tests to find out what causes your symptoms


Need more instruction on your treatment plan, medicines or asthma triggers


Might be helped by allergy shots


Need treatment with a medicine called oral corticosteroids or have used this medicine more than twice in one year


Have stayed in the hospital because of asthma


Need help to identify your asthma triggers


Have questions about an asthma diagnosis


Request a referral


Visit AllergyAndAsthmaRelief.org to learn more about allergies and asthma.