Guidelines for Allergy or Asthma Testing

Guidelines for Allergy or Asthma Testing

PLEASE BE ON TIME: Our testing is tightly scheduled. If you are late for your scheduled appointment, your testing may be subject to cancellation.

You should eat normally on the day of your test. Call our nurses at (775) 359-5010 if you have any questions regarding the following instructions.

Allergy Skin Testing

  1. Patient must be OFF ANTIHISTAMINES OR DECONGESTANTS 7 DAYS prior to testing date. This includes any over-the-computer medications for allergy, cold symptoms, and sleep aids
  2. Dress in a short-sleeved shirt, pants or shorts. Avoid expensive clothing as testing process may cause staining
  3. Avoid excessive sun exposure. Testing cannot be done if patient has a sunburn on the back and upper arms. Do not use lotions, bath oils, creams, etc., on back, or arms on day of testing
  4. Skin testing will take approximately 90 minutes (this includes a 30-minute wait after testing)

Pulmonary (lung) Function Testing

  1. If you use inhalers, please check with our nurse regarding their use prior to pulmonary function testing. In general rescue inhalers, e.g., albuterol (Proventil) should not be used 5 hours prior to testing UNLESS they are necessary to relieve symptoms
  2. Continue with all oral medications as usual (with the exception of antihistamines or cold medications if you are scheduled for allergy skin testing as well)
  3. Lung function testing will take approximately 45 minutes

Pulmonary (lung) Function with Exercise

  1. Same medication instructions as listed with Pulmonary Function Testing
  2. Patient should wear running shoes and light clothing that will allow you to jog on treadmill.

Although it is unusual to have an adverse reaction to Allergy Skin Testing or Pulmonary Functions Testing, the possibility nevertheless does exist. Adverse reactions as a result of Allergy Skin Testing include but are not limited to allergic reactions, e.g., hives, swelling, wheezing, or loss of blood pressure. In addition, asthma symptoms may worsen during a Pulmonary Function Test.

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